Dolano Food
“Dolano Food” was founded in 1991 by Kostas Nikolopoulos, a perceptive businessman. Ever since then, “Dolano Food” has steadily and dynamically advanced to the top ranks of the frozen goods sector, gaining the preference of its consumers who trust “Dolano Food” to produce goods of unrivalled quality and superb taste.

In 1994, the company broadened its range of products by creating a frozen pizza crust whose production amounted to 100,000 pieces per shift. Within the next three years, the company was thus able to firmly establish itself in the frozen goods sector.

In the period 1997-2001 the company proceeded to a series of key business actions: It established its plant facilities in Kamatero on an area covering almost 1,000 square meters; it outfitted the plant with ultra-modern, state-of-the art equipment thus targeting premium quality production; and set up its own fleet of transportation vehicles so that it could safely distribute its products.

poreia-02_thumbIn 2002, “Dolano Food” went on to expand its frozen crepes production by adding popular crepe fillings to its range such as bacon, cheese-and-mushroom, bitter chocolate, and a number of others.

In 2003, the efforts of “Dolano Food” to produce quality products and offer swift and effective customer service were amply rewarded: The company became ISO 9001:2000-certified and continued its upward course of growth.

In 2004, the company invested in state-of-the-art crepe-making equipment. In 2009, the market’s enthusiastic response to “Dolano Food” products led the company to conceive a yet another innovative automation plan which had no precedent in the Greek marketplace. Thanks to that plan, the company is now able to produce over 17,000 pieces per shift thus becoming the sector’s largest crepe-producing company.

During the same period, “Dolano Food” went on to restructure Sales; Marketing; Production; Logistics; and Quality Control: In other words, all of its key departments that safeguard its infrastructure and ensure that the company will continue to grow in the Greek and international marketplace.

Dolano FoodToday, “Dolano Food” is one of most rapidly growing companies in Greece and the Balkans, producing frozen goods and specializing in frozen crepes, frozen pizza crusts, and other frozen dough products such as piroshkis, donuts, etc. True to its principles and committed to consumer satisfaction, “Dolano Food” steadily broadens its product range, constantly improving its recipes and striving to create highly nutritious, premium quality products.

The unwavering policy we have over quality; our recipes carefully chosen in close consultation with professional chefs; our ingredients which are handpicked for quality and freshness; our state-of-the-art production methods; and the HACCP-based, stringent quality control we perform on each and every stage of our production process ensure premium quality as well as full flavor and taste of all “Dolano Food” products.