Our crepes, under the brand name of “Deli Crepes”, are hand-made so as to ensure that this product’s full flavor, authenticity, and delicate taste are first-rate.

The recipes we follow are the result of the synergy between “Dolano Food” and professional chefs. They have been tried and tested time and time again so as to ensure that the end-product satisfies the taste buds of even the most demanding of consumers and offers gourmet pleasure after pleasure.

Our ingredients are handpicked to be wholesome and fresh and are subjected to stringent tests for quality as soon as they are delivered.

“Deli Crepes” are available as plain crepe wraps or already prepared with a variety of tasty fillings.

They are also available in bulk packaging addressed to businesses.

  • “Crêpes”: The good luck delicacy!

The crêpe is a descendant of Azymos Artos (unleavened bread). Through the passage of time, its name has been linked to lore which wants the crepe bringing good luck and fortune. The crêpe originated in France but it was not long before its popularity propelled it beyond French borders. Crepes are traditionally served on February 2, the holiday of Candlemas (la Chandeleur), a holiday also known as “avec Crêpe Day”, the Crepe Offering Day. Its name is a derivation of “crispa”, the Latin word for “curled”. Today, crepes are a favorite of many cuisines across the world and the choice of those who delight in subtle delicacies. Made from wholesome and natural ingredients, crepes are served wrapped around a large variety of fillings offering many a unique gourmet experience.