The vast experience “Dolano Food” has in the frozen goods sector has led it to one key concern: To keep its customers and consumers satisfied to the fullest. To that purpose, we have placed at the disposal of our customers and consumers our long-standing experience in frozen goods, our state-of-the-art facilities, our highly skilled personnel, and our innovative equipment so that we may arrive at the perfect end result.

We offer a wide range of products: from scrumptious crepes and fragrant piroshkis to luscious donuts and mouthwatering pizza crusts we strive to meet the needs of our consumers and dining establishment professionals.

Based on distribution channels and packaging, “Dolano Food” products are available in two categories:


  • Dining establishments
  • Hotels
  • Catering
  • Food Service
  • Industries, etc


  • Supermarket chainsτ
  • Foodstuffs Wholesalers
  • Convenience Markets
  • Delicatessen stores, etc